XL Girls – Trinety Guess (2014)

Trinety Guess – Tits, Tugs & Tongue
Released: March 19, 2014
PornStars: Trinety Guess
Categories: Big Ass, Blowjob, Brunette, Busty, Clips, Fetish, HD
From the moment that Trinety G. opened the guy’s fly with her teeth, she had us at, “Looks like you found a nice cock for me.” Welcome to Trinety Guess’s first hand job, tit-fuck and blow job at XLGirls or Tits, Tugs & Tongue as it’s called here. Trinety goes the extra mile with more than a Tits & Tugs. Looking gorgeous and sexy, Trinety, now a 38H-cup, licks her lips in anticipation. Her pierced tongue will play a hot tune on our surrogate’s skin flute. Since she’s a cam-model, we knew Trinety would also be great at the sexy talk and eye contact. She rubs and kisses his junk before she even extracts his dick from his jeans. But first… “I’m gonna bury your dick in my tits,” says Trinety. And what tits she has to bury your shaft with. Trinety likes to tease it before your cock goes into her mouth. She climbs on the bed and lets you take off her tiny panties and finger-bang her sweet pussy-hole. Then she begins to suck on your cock with long, loving sucks. She gets on her back so you can fuck her big boobs, her tongue stretched out to flick the head of your cock. Trying not to blow a premature load will be difficult with Trinety G. under you but it can be done! Thanks for the blow job and tit-jack, Trinety G!


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