Sexual Disgrace – Bibi Miami (2015) Cover

Bibi Miami Aka Marsha May – Sexual Disgrace Bound For Glory
Released: October 15, 2015
Pornstars: Bibi Miami, Marsha May
Categories: BDSM, Blonde, Busty, Clips, HD
One of life’s many pleasures is watching beautiful women get put through the BDSM ringer by masters like Bruno. Take a cute blonde with a great set of tits like Bibi Miami and a relentless taskmaster like our hero, and you’ve got a recipe for some top shelf bondage, deep penetrations, complete domination and submission, and rough sex. Round one for Bibi Miami begins with her getting finger blasted while her hands are tied behind her back. Uncontrollable orgasms rip through her body. Several hard slaps in the face warm Bibi up for round two and make her focus on the punishing training that lies ahead. Next, master cuts right to the chase and fucks her pretty face like it?s his last day on earth. He spits in Bibi?s face and whips her, and just when you think the humiliation can?t get any worse, he breaks out a jumbo dildo on a stick and violates what?s left of Bibi?s cum sockets. Bibi digs it all!



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