Sex Art – Victoria Blaze (2013)

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Victoria Blaze – Room No. 023
Released: June 1, 2013
Categories: Art, Brunette, Clips, HD, Teens
It is room like so many others in hotels all around the world. Drawn blinds, a bed, a locked door. No matter how basic or how luxurious, a hotel room suggests a certain level of anonymity, privacy, secrecy, and a here today/gone tomorrow transient quality. In Andrej Lupin’s “Room No. 023″ a mysterious hotel room plays an uncredited costarring role, providing the setting and much of the rich atmosphere for a most unusual erotic encounter. It all begins when Thomas Lee, smiling, willing, and eager, is bound to the bed with strips of soft fabric. Lee’s smile remains as Victoria Blaze covers his eyes with a blindfold. Once she’s in complete control the voluptuous, dark-haired vixen delights in teasing, tantalizing, and tormenting her enthusiastic but compliant partner while attending to her own pleasure. Clearly someone who believes wholeheartedly in the maxim that “A woman’s place is on top,” Blaze savors the power of her dominant position over Lee every bit as much as she enjoys devouring his flesh, sitting on his face, or riding his cock to climax. The encounter ends in ambiguity and no small amount of mystery, but what happens in “Room No. 023″ stays in “Room No. 023.” And that makes it a must-see

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