Sex Art – Taylor Sands – Fantastico (2014) Cover

Taylor Sands – Fantastico
Released: December 28, 2014
Pornstars: Taylor Sands
Categories: Art, Brunette, Clips, Euro, HD, Teens
Alis Locanta introduces the stars of “Fantastico” — Taylor Sands and Joel (making his Sexart debut) — in two different settings. They’re shown lounging on a bed, as well as seated on a couch. In both locations they’re fully clothed, and in either setting the performers effortlessly convey the sense of lovers in the early, and rapidly escalating, stages of romantic attraction. They chat, they laugh, they joke, confide, and reveal, and in the process they move ever closer to physical union. After this deft and engaging introduction, “Fantastico” unfolds. The couple are on the sofa, but now clad only in undergarments. Joel removes Taylor’s black panties and begins to pleasure her with his tongue. Taylor, a smile never too far from her luscious lips, delights in his attention and responds quickly and vocally. She responds so powerfully, in fact, that she abruptly pulls away to postpone her own pleasure, kisses Joel, and then proceeds to happily and hungrily suck his cock. She then climbs astride her partner and they begin to fuck, first cowgirl, then reverse, then a powerful bout of spooning, followed by an even more powerful missionary pump to a particularly wet as well as happy ending. The tender kisses and warm smiles on their faces let us know that love — and lust — is most definitely in bloom. In a stylish monochrome epilogue Sands tempts and teases while wearing a sheer, oil-saturated micro-bikini — “Fantastico,” indeed.



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