Sex Art – Lola Taylor (2014)

Lola Taylor – Firestarter
Released: May 4, 2014
PornStars: Lola Taylor
Categories: Art, Blonde, Clips, HD, Teens
Alis Locanta’s “Firestarter” opens with a frenzied, frenetic explosion of visual and aural energy. Edgy, propulsive, and provocative, the introductory segment lasts just long enough to bring the film’s two stars — Girl’s NAME and Juan Lucho — together after a chance meeting on the bustling streets of a city center after dark. Once the couple is behind closed doors “Firestarter” shifts from a rolling boil to a steady, steamy simmer as the new twosome waste little time getting to know each other. After the most perfunctory of preliminaries Lucho is between Girl NAME’s creamy thighs bringing her to the first of several orgasms. After eating and fingering her from behind, Lucho replaces his tongue and fingers with his cock and they fuck in the doggie style before moving to a spoon position with orgasmic results. Thoroughly, if temporarily, satisfied, girl NAME takes a break to perform a long, leisurely, and loving blowjob, before straddling Lucho for yet another satisfying screw, this time in the upright cowgirl position. Girl NAME isn’t greedy, though, and with a few deft strokes she brings Lucho to a splashy finish. Spontaneous, passionate, powerfully erotic, and compulsively watchable, where there’s heat, there’s “Firestarter.”


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