Sex Art – Lilly Banks (2013)

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Lilly Banks – Upper West Side II

Released: March 29, 2013

Back in my flat on the Upper West Side. This time I flew in a new friend, Lilly Banks. We met on Twitter where you can also follow me @bo_lanberris and check out some behind the scenes photos. Lilly heard of SexArt and the work we were doing and she wanted to shoot for me. We chatted on the phone and the next thing we knew we were meeting up on the Upper West Side for a day of filming. Lilly is a sweetheart. A gentle soul with a warm smile and something just a little naughty in her spirit. Before we started filming I sat down with her for a small chat. We talked about her orgasm and that we at SexArt always try to show the real thing. No faking. She looked me right in the eyes and said, -If you really want me to cum I need a vibrator.- With a snap a vibrator was charged and delivered to set. What you are about to see is Lilly’s true orgasm, the way it happened on set for real, the way she wanted it. Then my good friend Danny Mountain stopped by. Danny is a really cool guy and tons of fun. Always a smile on his face and an interesting story to tell. When he met Lilly sparks few, and they flew for real. Check out what happened in the Upper West Side 2.

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