Sex Art – Iwia A (2014) Cover

Iwia A – First
Released: August 31, 2014

Categories: Art, Brunette, Clips, HD, Teens
In life — and in the exaggerated approximation of it presented in much erotic entertainment — a chance meeting that immediately becomes a wham-bam-thank-you-very-much sexual scenario can be a powerful and satisfying experience. But a quick hook-up has very little to do with the inception, development, and growth of a mature and sustainable romantic relationship. Employing a relaxed, languid style and pace, Andrej Lupin approaches the topic with an understated reverence. Johny D sits on a beach in the late afternoon. As he gazes at the surf, the sea, and the horizon, he appears to be lost in contemplation. When Iwia A, searching for sea shells, crosses his path, he snaps out of his reverie. He approaches her, strikes up a conversation, and joins her in her quest for the perfect shell. As the story unfolds we see the couple sharing more and more of themselves with one another as their love begins to grow. The weight of this shared responsibility — the sacred importance of this growing romantic bond — isn’t all joy, kisses, and laughter. Both members of this newly committed couple are haunted by lingering doubt and some small fear of where things are going. But love, as it will, conquers all, and they release their fears and embrace their romance — and embrace each other with sincerity and passion. The title, “First,” can be interpreted in a variety of ways, all of them equally valid. It’s a story of first love, of two individuals in their first “real” relationship, and in the simplest sense, it details the prelude to and the aftermath of the very first time this couple has sex. From its muted, thoughtful introduction, to its joyously romantic conclusion, “First” is a celebration of connection, of sincere and passionate sex, and of the life-changing power of love.



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