Sex Art – Ivana Sugar & Sabrina Moor (2014) Cover

Ivana Sugar & Sabrina Moor – Cafe
Released: June 13, 2014
PornStars: Ivana Sugar, Sabrina Moor
Categories: Art, Blonde, Brunette, Clips, HD, Lesbians, Reality, Teens
When Ivana Sugar arrives at an outdoor café on a sunny afternoon to meet Sabrina Moore there’s little to indicate the nature of their relationship. Based on their stylish clothing, it would be easy to assume that they are simply “ladies who lunch,” two wealthy wives passing the time. But in Andrej Lupin’s “Cafe” it soon becomes evident that there’s much more to this relationship than a casual glance suggests. As they sip their wine they begin to flirt. Flirting turns to touching, hands and feet play discreet games under the table, and their building desire for one another soon forces them to exit the eatery in search of some privacy. Once the twosome is ensconced in a luxurious bedroom they have the freedom to give in completely to their urges. After kissing and caressing while still clad in their luncheon outfits Sugar takes the plunge, sliding down Moore’s beautiful body and making a meal of the delicate flesh between her silken thighs. A dexterous tongue and agile fingers bring Moore to the brink of ecstasy, and then beyond. With Ivana on her hands and knees, Sabrina approaches her from behind and sucks and licks the sweet treat she’s being offered. As her sexual temperature soars Sugar becomes more and more vocal, urging and instructing Moore in the ways to best pleasure her and offering heartfelt encouragement and gratitude along the way to orgasm. The final act of “Cafe” finds the lesbian lovers pussy-to-pussy in a sizzling session of scissors-style sex that explodes with pulse-pounding passion. Those with a taste for unrestrained Sapphic sex should pay a visit to “Cafe” at the earliest opportunity.



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