Sex Art – Chelsy Sun & Nataly Von (2015) Cover

Chelsy Sun & Nataly Von – Hotel Episode 1 – Accommodation
Released: June 5, 2015
Pornstars: Chelsy Sun, Nataly Von
Categories: Art, Brunette, Clips, HD, Lesbians, Teens
After what seems to have been an exhausting flight to Spain, followed by an aggravating ride with an argumentative taxi driver, girlfriends Chelsy Sun and Nataly Von finally reach their vacation destination. But the somewhat harried introductory moments of Andrej Lupin’s “Hotel Episode 1 — Accommodation” are quickly forgotten once the two beauties are alone in the luxury and serenity of their private room. Flat on their backs on the bed they relax and unwind, and the tensions of the day’s travels melt away. It begins with a loving caress and a bit of hand-holding, but kisses are not far behind, and the passions they unleash quickly lead to more explicit activities. Chelsy briefly suckles Nataly’s erect nipples, kisses her way down her body, removes her panties and begins to kiss and lick her smooth pussy. A probing finger soon enters the picture and the combination of penetration and oral clitoral stimulation achieves the intended and appreciated orgasmic results. When Nataly makes love to Chelsy she’s every bit as skilled and sensitive. She watches her lover closely while her hands, fingers, and mouth drive Chelsy closer and closer to a powerful climax. And then, after a brief but passionate kiss, the still-fevered femmes go pussy-to-pussy, bumping and grinding each other to a final forceful come in the upright scissors position. The “Hotel” series has only just begun, but as “Episode 1 — Accommodation” proves, it’s going to be a torrid trip.



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