Sex Art – Candy Wais & Tea Jul (2013)

Candy Wais & Tea Jul – A Love Journey
Released: November 6, 2013
Categories: Art, Blonde, Brunette, Clips, HD, Lesbians, Teens
Alis Locanta’s “A Love Journey” explodes onto the screen without preface or prelude. It is late at night and a single light shines on two women in the fevered heat of passion, kissing and groping each other with unrestrained ardor. A chance meeting? An illicit rendezvous? The circumstances are left ambiguous, but the hunger is palpable. Next we find the couple — raven-haired Tea Jul and, in her Sexart debut, blonde Candy Wais — together, in an elegant home, masturbating in adjoining rooms. More ambiguity, but “A Love Journey” is still only beginning. Now we’re in a mundane setting. Tea Jul is performing routine household tasks when Candy Wais approaches. Chores can wait, this is Tea’s day. After a bit of tender kissing, Candy drops to her knees and begins devouring Tea from behind. Next, with Jul seated on the edge of the counter, she eats and fingers her lover to an increasingly vocal and seemingly endless orgasm. Beautiful. Candy’s day follows, and this segment of the film may be shorter but it’s no less orgasmic and enjoyable — for the participants or the viewer. “A Love Journey” may tell the story of a complex romantic relationship, but it’s an extremely hot, lusty, passionate, and intense trip!


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