Sex Art – Candy Alexa (2013)

Candy Alexa – Little Story III
Released: November 22, 2013
Categories: Art, Blonde, Busty, Clips, HD, Solo
The “Little Story” saga gets a little bit bigger with “Little Story III,” the third installment of Andrej Lupin’s tender examination of female sexuality in its solo and duo permutations. The series is cleverly constructed, each episode building and amplifying what has come before. In “Little Story III,” buxom and voluptuous Candy Alexa returns to her home. She’s still wearing the clothing she wore in “Little Story II,” but quickly disrobes and takes a brief shower. Totally nude, she sprawls on her bed as memories of her recent tryst with Linda Sweet fill her mind’s eye. Director Lupin, the visual erotic story teller, employs this technique skillfully throughout “Little Story III,” and as Ms. Alexa proceeds to masturbate and fantasize about her recent lesbian encounter, he intercuts footage of the scene: Candy Alexa doesn’t simply close her eyes and imagine the experience she’s just had, she relives it, and we see snippets of it in vivid, living color. This isn’t an epic or indulgent scene — Candy Alexa, already at an elevated state of arousal, is intent on ending her day by reliving her recent past and treating herself to a final, celebratory orgasm. Using her memory, her vivid imagination, and her two agile hands, Candy Alexa — with a narrative and editorial assist from Andrej Lupin — makes “Little Story III” a particularly gratifying vignette.


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