Sex Art – Amirah Abada – Listen to me (2014)

Amirah Abada – The Writer – Listen to me
Released: March 9, 2014
PornStars: Amirah Abada
Categories: Art, Brunette, Clips, HD, Teens
Real life, fantasy, and fiction remain intriguingly and inextricably entwined in the fifth installment of Alis Locanta’s erotic super-series, “The Writer – Listen to Me.” Pulled in different directions by her personal and professional lives, Luna invents a satisfying new story and proceeds to work out the details. Those details concern the fictionalized life of her actual boyfriend, played by Franck Franco, and his involvement with a beautiful new addition to the series, Amira Abada. In this story-within-a-story, Franco has recently undergone a surgical procedure on his eyes. The operation was a success, but he’s forced to wear a bandage for several days, effectively rendering him sightless. Ms. Abada, the loving girlfriend, not only assists Franco in his daily routine, but uses his temporary handicap as a way of enhancing their sex life together. This results in several prolonged and passionate encounters and a variety of extremely orgasmic erotic activities. Luna, inspired by her evolving narrative, frequently breaks from the task of writing to leisurely pleasure herself. And her fling with neighbor Whitney Conroy results in one of the hottest lesbian scenes “The Writer” has featured so far. Viewers would be well advised to keep their eyes, ears, and minds wide open while experiencing “The Writer – Listen to Me.”


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