Stars: Lady Rox, Porsche, Jeanette, Astra, Maria del Mar Rey, Carmen Lopez, Robert Ribot, Max Cortes, Jose Santana, Nacho Vidal, Anthony, Yolanda Mancos
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Studio: Topax Film
Director: Alex Romero
Approximate Running Time: 01:46:48
Custodian of Records
Anno: 2006

IT: Per sette giovani novizie la conquista di una nuova dimensione spirituale passa attraverso un’ultima esasperata e vergognosa esperienza carnale…

EN: Watch as these young babes line up to engage in some illicit sexual acts and lustful passions with their NUNS!!! They are going against their religious vows, but it never felt so good to these gals!!! Once the habits come off the action heats up and you can almost feel the presence of the devil!!!


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