My Friend’s Hot Girl – Annika Eve (2017/HD)

My Friend's Hot Girl - Annika Eve

Annika Eve – My Friend’s Hot Girl
Released: December 10, 2017
Production: My Friend’s Hot Girl, Naughty America
Pornstars: Annika Eve
Categories: Brunette, Clips, Fetish, HD
Tags: Blowjob, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Hot Mom, Kitchen, Mom, Sucking, Titjob, Titty Fuck, Towel, Trailer Girl
Stop thief! Wait, no, that’s just Annika Eve wearing a towel and trying to get some tea in the middle of the night because she couldn’t sleep. But now she’s naked in flip-flops and tea-less because her boyfriend’s buddy Kyle thought she was a cat burglar in the night and was about to attack her, and in fear she dropped the towel wrapped her naked body. Kyle busts up the awkward moment buy giving her a compliment on her nice natural titties and body — something Annika never receives from her drunk-ass boyfriend, who’s always out getting plastered with the guys, such as the case tonight…

The compliment leads to the kiss, the kiss leads to making out, the making out leads to some titty-sucking, the titty-sucking leads to a blowjob, the blowjob leads to fucking in the kitchen, fucking in the kitchen leads to Kyle blowing his load all over the face of his buddy’s girlfriend. It pays to fend off would-be burglars.


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