Mormon Girlz – Katherine: The Calling (2016)

Katherine – The Calling
Released: March 22, 2016
Categories: Brunette, Clips, HD, Solo, Teens
Beautiful virgin Katherine doesn’t know why she has been summoned to the temple, but she assumes it has something to do with her secret romance with another Mormon girl, Kara. She knew that it was a bad idea to fall in love with a girl — it goes against everything her parents taught her. But when Kara propositioned her, she couldn’t resist. Just a few days ago the girls had given into temptation right in the temple. Dressed in their sheer robes, the more aggressive Kara had kissed Katherine passionately. The kissing had only lasted a few minutes, but it wasn’t a good idea to make out where they could easily be seen. And now she knows she’s in a lot of trouble. She comes to the temple at the appointed time and is instructed to change into a white temple dress. Her hands shake as she puts on the dress. She has heard rumors about the Seed Bearer’s perverted imagination. She has never gone farther than kissing anyone, and she is afraid that the Seed Bearer will violate her chastity in some way. But she knows she must do as he says. And she does feel a little curious. What is it like to kiss a man? To be touched by a man? But when someone opens the door to the office where she waits, it isn’t the Seed Bearer. It’s another man who she has never seen before. He’s a huge guy with a handsome, square face. She feels tiny beside him. His hand is as big as her head. And no sooner has he sat down than he commands her to take off her clothes. She hesitates only for a second, then does as she has been told. She is one of the most beautiful girls the man has ever seen, and he keeps his eyes on her as she strips completely naked. This is just the first of many humiliating trials she’ll have to endure, so he will take his time — touching her nubile young body, groping her perfect breasts, and sticking a finger in her pussy to make sure she’s a virgin. And then he will order her to pleasure herself while he watches. “Get on the desk on all fours,” he says.


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