Mormon Girlz – Katherine & Kara: The Covenant (2016)

Katherine & Kara – Katherine: The Covenant
Released: May 9, 2016
Categories: Art, Brunette, Clips, HD, Teens
Still aching from the Seed Bearer’s deflowering of her tight virgin pussy, beautiful teen Katherine finds herself outside the Seed Chamber. The Seed Bearer has decided to give her to Brother Nelson, the handsome stranger who inspected Katherine when she first arrived at the Temple. Katherine remembers, with a shudder of desire and shame, how he made her disrobe and forced his thick fingers inside her, how he told her to come for him while he watched. At the time, she wondered, though she tried to suppress the thought, what his cock looked like. Was it big? What would it feel like inside of her? As Katherine enters the Temple and puts on her robes, Brother Nelson comes up behind her and presses his big muscular body against hers. His hard cock pulses against her tiny ass. She can tell that it is even bigger than she imagined. “I planted my seed inside your mother, when she was your age,” he says. “But she failed to satisfy me. We’ll see if you have what it takes to become my wife.” Katherine is shocked by this incestuous revelation, but it makes her want to please Brother Nelson even more. She crawls into the Chamber on her hands and knees and sees Kara, her lover, standing in the corner. The Seed Bearer has told her she must watch as punishment for kissing Katherine. Katherine’s heart races. She doesn’t want to betray Kara yet she wants to show Brother Nelson that she will be an obedient wife. Brother Nelson tells her to wash his feet, and then help him to undress. As she pulls down his sacred Mormon underwear, she finly sees it. His cock is gigantic. Katherine trembles with fear. Her hand barely fits around the shaft. But she knows that she has no choice, she must give him the pleasure he desires. And part of her is her excited by the challenge. She opens her pretty little mouth and prepares to take Brother Nelson all the way to the back of her throat.


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