Mom POV – Alice: 38 year old is MomPovs new squirt queen (2014)

Alice – 38 year old is MomPovs new squirt queen
Released: July 17, 2014
Categories: Blonde, Busty, Clips, HD, MILFs, P.O.V., Reality
No MILF, in the history of MomPov, has squirted the sheer volume that this woman did. She must drink a lot of water because she could of filled up a gallon jug. For those who like squirters, you might get your fill watching this woman. Ok, aside from the squirting, she is a very, very sexual woman. I think she orgasmed a record number as well. She said she lost count at 13 and that was only half way through the shoot. In the interview she admitted to masturbating herself into 5 orgasms before she even got to the shoot just because of how excited she was. She is a very free spirited Pilates instructor who claims she did her first adult video just for the fun and experience. I wouldn’t say this is even close to the typical MILF on MomPov, but she is pretty damn sexy. I wouldn’t mind paying her to be my personal Pilates instructor just so I can stare at her beautiful ass in see through yoga pants every day. I don’t know guys, thats just my opinion, what do you think?


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