Mario Salieri – Masturbazione

Mario Salieri – Masturbazione (1993)
Category: Feature, Anal sex, DP, Blowjob, Lesbo
Company: Salieri Entertainment
Director: Nicky Ranieri Stars: Angelica, Barbie Est, Cjilla March, Ildiko Varcon, Jasmine, Julia Chanel, Maeva, Simona Valli, Philippe Soine, Jean-Yves Lecastel
Salieri brings to us all the great, “Masturbazione”. A plot driven fuck fest! Its starts with a guy beating his cock while digging through his spank bank, reminiscing back on his past sexual endeavors. He never cums to completion because his past sex life was all satisfying enough! This flick is a must see and could never be put down!


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