Lesbea – Blanche & Uma (2013)

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Blanche & Uma – See The Light
Released: March 20, 2013

A gentle start, exploratory kissing and the girl’s enjoying each other’s bodies. Uma begins to pepper Blanche’s torso with kisses before advancing things and sucking on her tongue, as they heat up the kisses become deeper and much more passionate, the girls really feeling around inside each other’s mouths getting themselves a little wet down below. Blanche lays Uma down starts to feel at her panties, before the two girls both get stripped down to just panties and we can see there bodies in all their glory with their lovely pert breasts. Uma rubs herself on Blanche which seems to please Blanche as much as it does Uma, she loves having partner’s rub themselves on her. The interaction between the girls gets very playful sometimes, Uma mimics humping Blanche much to her amusement as she grabs a firm hold on Uma’s tight buttocks. The girls get very close for their climaxes and there is plenty of intensity between the girls as they look deep into each other’s eyes, and remain kissing erotically reducing ecstatic moans to sounds muffled into a lover’s mouth.

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