Jim Slip – Satine Spark (2015)

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Satine Spark – Barrister shame exposed!
Released: March 2, 2015
Pornstars: Satine Spark
Categories: Amateurs, Blonde, Clips, Fetish, P.O.V., Reality, Teens
Is there no end to the depravity of the British legal Establishment? This week we have the lovely Satine who visited us many years ago and now holds down a job for a top barrister who we shall call, ?Sir Hubert Puglsey-Baines?. This shameful pervert hired her on the basis of having the right to bend her over his desk at any time of his own choosing, tear her fishnet tights to shreds and plunge his engorged dick into her and fuck her until he shoots his load! Well frankly I was disgusted and so asked Satine to mime the whole depraved scenario where I could act the part of this depraved pervert! PS I?d like to meet Sir Hubert and congratulate him for services to perversity!



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