Jim Slip – Nataly Gold – Seamed stockings and heels! (2013)

Nataly Gold – Seamed stockings and heels!
Released: December 9, 2013
Categories: Brunette, Clips, Fetish, HD, Reality, Teens
Yes, I thought this title would get your attention! This week we have the beautiful Nataly who has the longest legs I’ve ever seen! Put some killer heels on her and lets just say, “It does it for me!.” So what’s best for a long legged babe like Nataly to wear? Well, what else but seamed stockings (So long that the tops just kiss her round bum) high heels and errm, a fancy dress, “Sexy Pilot” outfit. Yes, my brethren, for some reason this tatty, “Something for the weekend, sir?” outfit just does the job with long legged girls, don’t ask me why, because as you know we tend to take a lot of care with the clothes on jimslip.com. I just love this whole, clingy, look, its just too damn sexy and I strongly advise all you guys out there to visit your local, well known High St purveyor of the articles of filth and depravity, or more more commonly…


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