Jim Slip – Bella Beretta: Bellissima Bella! (2015)

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Bella Beretta – Bellissima Bella!
Released: November 20, 2015
Pornstars: Bella Beretta
Categories: Brunette, Clips, Euro, HD, P.O.V., Reality, Teens
Be warned my brethren, for this week you are in for a treat that will have the most perverse of you blushing with shame. Yes, the lovely 19 year old, Bella is here to grace, nay, melt your computer screens! She arrived with tiny “Daisy Duke” style denim shorts that looked like a crazed madman had slashed and left just a mere remnant of what were once some decent and proper shorts but now no more than a torn rag in the shape of shorts. Anyway, Bella was so sexy that she would have had the most holy of men, self flagellating in shame at the darkness of their sinful thoughts. Luckily, with the Devil at my side, I am not impeded by such problems and thought nothing of plunging my hand down the front of Bella’s little shorts to feel her swollen and sodden pussy and with the dexterity of a maker of those people who make ships in bottles, I mana…



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