Jim Slip – Anastasia (2014)

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Anastasia – Porn Star creation
Released: November 10, 2014
Categories: Big Ass, Blonde, Clips, Fetish, Reality
Well folks you learn something every day! This week we have “Anastasia Pornstar”. Previously she had been a normal, natural girl doing what girls do best, e.g. giggle and buy clothes and then she fell into the hands of “Planet Pornstar” a huge complex in a mountain hideaway somewhere in Eastern Europe, where “normal” girls are transformed into “Pornstars”. imagine Dr Frankenstein with a lab full of make up, hair extensions, huge nails, lips,and boobs etc. Anyway, they managed to turn Anastasia into a sex mad, cock crazed vixen and very kindly sent her to me to try out. Well, as you all know we seldom get any pornstar prototypes at jimslip.com, so I was only too eager to try one out and to be honest I was very pleased with the result! After seeing Anastasia in action, I am sure that you too will be placing an order for a pornstar of your v…



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