Italiane viziose (2000)

Italians are vicious, at least when it comes to fucking. C’mon, they’re lovers, not fighters, right? These girls are horny enough to suck a dollar out of a penny pincher, with a pussy so good they could sell $19.99 for $20.00. Throw it in the air and it might turn into sunshine! There are plenty of pop-shots, “meatballs”, and white sauce to go around in this un pranzo piccolo.

Attori: Kevin, Lady Rox, Antonella Del Lago, Fabiana Venturi, Astra, Monia Eros Regina…

Regia: Marzio Tangeri

Studio: Kamasutra Production (2007)
Language: Italian

Etero, Mature, Anal, Tits, Facial, Lesbians, Oral, Cum shots
720×544, 25 fps, H264 (*MP4), 1698 kbps

1091 MB


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