Hot And Mean – Cassidy Klein & Miko Dai (2015)

Cassidy Klein & Miko Dai – Piss Poor Pussy
Released: February 26, 2015
Pornstars: Cassidy Klein, Miko Dai
Categories: Asian, Brazzers, Brunette, Clips, Lesbians, Teens
Poor innocent Miko just wants to take a piss in private, but the prim princess is caught off guard by the class badgirl Cassidy. Too proper to relieve herself with someone in the room, Miko feigns dirty hands and attempts to leave, but not before she’s stopped by Cassidy’s challenge to take that piss with the stall door open, so that she can watch. Before Miko knows it Cassidy spreads open those asian legs and licks that clit right there on the toilet. Badgirl Cassidy, in stockings and pleated skirt, dominates Miko, teaching her just how she likes it, showing her how to eat her out, finger her wet pussy, and take a massive dildo between her quivering lips.



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