HD POV – Jessie Parker (2014)

Jessie Parker – HD POV
Released: January 10, 2014
Categories: Blonde, Clips, HD, P.O.V., Reality, Teens
Jessie arrived and she appeared to be such a sweet, young, innocent thing; little did I know that she was a chronic nymphomaniac with a deep desire to get both pounded hard as well as made love to slowly. This dichotomy also showed in her blowjob, which she started of extremely slow and sensual, but would then often change the pace up to deep and sloppy and fast, and then slow it back down again, take it out, and tease the head of my cock and my balls with her tongue. Her vagina was so tight it was almost virgin-like. It was difficult at first to get all the way inside her because of this extreme tightness, luckily it wasn’t long before her juices started flowing and soaked my entire dick. She quivered softly as I ejaculated inside of her, savoring every drop of my semen with her tiny pussy.


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