Hands on Hardcore – Billie Star & Linda Sweet (2015)


Billie Star and Linda Sweet – Holding Cell Harlots
Added: April 28, 2015

Pornstars: Billie Star, Linda Sweet
Categories: Anal, Brunette, Busty, Clips, Euro, HD, Redhead, Teens, Threesome
In today’s hardcore XXX video, brunette Billie Star and redhead Linda Sweet are a defiant handful for nighttime jailer Ben Kelly. These disorderly conduct dames have to be locked up for creating a disturbance on the street. But no sooner are they in the holding cell than Ben notices these wild girls getting frisky with each other… Going over there with a billy club, he figures he’ll lay down the law but ends up laying these harlots instead! Soon he lets them out of the cells so Billie and Linda can squat before his big dick, and get him kneeling to reciprocate with a little cunny licking. Regulations be damned, it’s high time for a threesome as Ben fucks Linda from behind while Billie holds his balls. Then both Ben and Linda lick Billie’s asshole to prepare it for the Kelly cock, which Billie rides cowgirl style on the bunk of the cell. Linda sucks the cock when it comes out of Billie’s butt, then both girls get a big load of spunk on their tongues and faces–something to keep them warm until their arraignment in the morning!



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