Fantasy Massage – Paisley Parker (2015) Cover

Paisley Parker – Daddy, My Thighs Are Sore
Released: January 14, 2015
Pornstars: Paisley Parker
Categories: Amateurs, Brunette, Clips, HD, Reality
I was not expecting to have to write this entry… Steven made me. Listen, this girl is my step-daughter. I never expected any of this to happen. My stepdaughter Paisley came to the spa today because I guess something happened to her thighs at school. Well I wasn’t sure but from the way she was talking it was almost as if she planned all of this, to come into the spa to try and seduce me. She told me her boyfriend wasn’t working out, and I guess one thing led to another, and it turns out paisley wanted a lesson from the best guy she knows. Me, of course. Really makes you think how many daughters I’ve corrupted here. But my young lady is a real chip off the old…step… so to speak.



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