Exploited College Girls – Scarlett (2013)

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Scarlett – Exploited College Girls
Released: April 18, 2013

Scarlett’s barely 5’4″ but amazingly tanned and toned and she has an ass and pussy so perfect she could model for sex toys. From her fitness model flat abs to her sultry southern accent and her eagerness to please, it’s hard to say what I find most attractive about Scarlett. But if I have to pick one thing I like most, I’d have to say it’s her amazing blowjob skills. I find out about Scarlett’s talent on the ride over to our location. While it’s easy to listen to her talk dirty in that slow southern drawl, there is one thing she claims she’s even better at with her mouth. As you know this is a claim I can’t resist putting to the test and Scarlett isn’t shy about demonstrating her love of cock. She grabs mine and goes straight to town. Dicktown, obviously. I’m the mayor, hi. Her head is so good, I’m considering making this part of the update an instructional video for other girls. She’s got this hand and mouth combo technique that feels amazing. She does this thing…I don’t know why I’m trying to describe it, this is one update you have to see to understand. Trust me, it’s worth the watch. Her head is so good that as soon as we get to the location I have her drop to her knees again and get back at it. It turns out she really does love giving head too because when I get her naked her pussy is clearly already wet from excitement, which is always a very good thing. When I get in between her thighs, however, things get even wetter. It turns out Scarlett is very responsive to stimulation and orgasms very easily, when aroused. As soon as I start the good vibrations, she cums in a few seconds and then cums over and over for me as long as focus on her clit. Since she seemed so receptive, I purposely chose a vibe with an anal attachment and when she’s really turned on I convince her to try to let me get it in her ass. Despite having little experience with anal, she goes for it and in no time takes the entire thing. I used the other end on her clit and before long, she’s cumming again. After getting her off about a half dozen times, it’s time for me to get some and before I fuck her I take the time to sample some more of her amazing head. Good god, that technique – she’s really talented. Of course, she has me hard in no time and I throw her back on the bed and fuck her little pussy until she cums again – which she claims is a first for her. I flip her over and drill her from behind and then I push her flat and pin her to the bed and fuck her as hard as I can manage. After pounding Scarlett’s amazing puss all afternoon, I’m finally ready to pop and after I have her beg for my cum, I put her on her knees and unload a huge power cumshot directly into her mouth. Honestly, even I am impressed with my aim on this one. Scarlett turned out to be more than just a southern belle with 8 minute abs. She’s actually a little sexual dynamo, check out the very last clip for proof when she offers to come back for a second shoot and promises to give anal a try.

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