Exploited College Girls – Presleigh (2016)

Presleigh – Exploited College Girls
Released: March 31, 2016
Categories: Brunette, Clips, P.O.V., Teens
We have gone through periods where we may have overused the term “spinner”, but when it comes to 5’1″, curvy, sexy, cutie Presleigh, what other term is there? She’s teeny but has great hips, perky tits and not only can you manhandle her, she actually likes being thrown around. In fact, towards the end of the shoot Jay pulls her onto a chair and practically demonstrates the origin of the term by hoisting Pres onto his lap for some reverse cowgirl-like jack hammering. Things start off behind the scenes as Jay and Steve are ping-ing and pong-ing the conversation past Presleigh’s enthusiastic smile until they arrive at a topic they are all equally enthusiastic about: car head. In fact, Presleigh surprises them both when she admits that she’s no virgin to mobile sexcapades and knows her way around a transmission hump quite well. With little prompting she happily leans across the seat to deep throat Jay as Steve navigates his way through the sparse midday traffic. Steve delivers the pair to the shoot location like some kind of porn Uber driver (five stars, bro!) and once there, Jay unveils a surprise: a box full of brand new sex toys for Presleigh to choose from. After browsing the complimentary booty bounty, she chooses a Hitatchi replica and strips off her clothes to let Jay use it on her. He preheats Presleigh’s oven with a bit of lube and his fingers and manages to bring her to several quick, relatively quiet orgasms. What is with these girls lately? Are they too used to having sex at their parents’ house and haven’t learned to let loose yet? After pleasuring Presleigh with her new toy, Jay has her drop to her knees for more oral. Once freed from the confines of Steve’s car, Presleigh shows off her blowjob skills to great effect and teases him from tip to balls with her talented, pierced tongue, eventually getting him hard enough to fuck. He pulls her up to the bed, props her on some pillows and pounds her, unleashing several more orgasms. After missionary and sideshow, he pulls her across the room to a chair and has her climb on top of him in a kind of reverse cowgirl and he jackhammers her to a final orgasm before releasing a huge facial across her waiting lips. Thanks for dropping by, Presleigh. It was great to meet you, next time feel free to be as loud as you want, hardly anyone calls the front desk to complain. Speaking of hotel etiquette, note to you guys: probably a good idea to never sit on a hotel room chair again without a towel or something.


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