Exploited College Girls – Paige (2013)

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Paige – Exploited College Girls

Released: March 14, 2013

The first thing Paige tells me when I fire up the cameras is that above all, she likes to stay classy. If giving head like you invented the BJ, fucking like a rabbit and eating cum from a spoon is classy, well in the immortal words of Ron Burgundy…stay classy, Paige! This update actually turned out great, I managed to capture Paige’s enthusiastic sexual energy and you can really tell what a fantastic fuck she is. First off, if Jersey Shore accents bother you, you need to watch this thing with the sound off. I don’t know where Paige is originally from but the native language there is whatever Snooki speaks. If you can tolerate listening to her, however, she’s got some great stories. For example, when I mention threesomes she thinks for a second and admits to having had 5 or 6. Five OR six?? Turns out the reason she can’t remember is because she may have blacked out during one or more of them. When I ask her if she’s ever been ‘pig roasted’ she isn’t sure, but when I describe the act of having one dick in each end, she gives me a ‘been there, done that’ smile. You really get a feel for Paige’s enthusiastic personality during this interview, though. Like when i explain to her that most ECG shoots end with a facial and before I even finish she smiles and says, -Okay!- like she’ll try anything once. When Snooki, er Paige strips this whole thing gets better, she’s got a fantastic body. If you are a fan of super perky little titties, spoiler alert: just fast forward to me eating her out and watch her little boobies bounce in that way that only 20 year old boobies bounce as she grinds into my face and orgasms. She tells me in our interview that she loves having her clit licked, so before I apply the Rabbit, I dive in and give her some great oral, which she really, really enjoys. Just watch the way her eyes roll back. Paige told me that she loved to give head and happened to be really great at it and that she lacked a gag reflex (is there any sexier medical term than -no gag reflex-???) As loyal viewers will know this is a claim I ALWAYS put to the test. When she drops to her knees and without hesitation starts sucking and then deep throats my entire dick, she passes the test with flying colors. Now THAT is classy! Finally I’m so hard I can’t take it and I have to attack that tight little pussy of hers. When I get into a great rhythm and start pounding her hard she grunts, -How do you like that pussy?- I didn’t give her a great answer then, but I can tell you now it’s a pretty amazing pussy and she sure knows how to work it. Just watch the way she grinds into me and bounces her ass off me with each stroke. She fucks so well I completely forget about a facial and decide on the fly to bust in her pussy and add the the small but growing ECG creampie collection. When I grab a spoon and feed her some of it, agains, doesn’t even hesitate, this girl is all about enthusiasm. I know it seems cliche to make fun of Paige for showing up to ECG to film a sex scene with me and claiming to be classy, but you know what? After this session, I thought about the meaning of the word and I think she really is a pretty classy chick. She showed up ready to go, she had a great attitude, a ton of enthusiasm and really did a great job by just being herself and having fun. What could possibly be classier than that?

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