Exploited College Girls – Jillian (2015)

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Jillian – Exploited College Girls
Released: November 26, 2015
Categories: Amateurs, Brunette, Clips, P.O.V., Reality, Teens
So, meet Jillian. She’s really…interesting. In addition to being…interesting she is plenty sexy with a great mane of deep brown hair, incredibly long legs that culminate in a wonderful little double handful of ass, and a try-anything attitude that makes her a real treat. Also, she claims to give some of the very best blowjobs known to man. Well, some men. Obviously not the gross, old ones as she carefully explains. She’s so insistent that her skills are top shelf that when Jay pulls his car over and demands a demo on the spot, she happily obliges. How good is she? Let’s just say that when you watch you can practically feel her relaxing her throat like a carnival sword swallower. This shoot starts off with an unusually interesting interview that is briefly interrupted for a little car head but then picks right back up until Jillian demands that Jay take her to the room and bang her. Now Jay isn’t a guy who takes orders from 20-something models, but when it’s something he was about to do anyway, he has no trouble making it seem like he’s a people pleaser. So, on to the good stuff. Jay starts Jillian off with some of his expert finger banging and a vibrator and in no time she’s squirming and panting. Instead of getting into it and letting Jay get her off, she begs to give him another BJ. As you’ll recall from above, when it’s something he was about to do anyway… After Jillian’s very accomplished blowjob, she climbs on top to get fucked in cowgirl and then Jay has her put that fine little ass in the air so he can fuck her in doggy for some serious deep pounding. From there Jay maneuvers her onto her side where he fucks her deep and gets a few good angles. After a bit more pounding, Jillian gets to her knees for her very reluctant facial. Luckily for her she caught Jay on a merely average day and he manages not to drown her in jizz.



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