Eve Angel Official – Eve Tops From The Bottom! (2014)

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Eve Angel – Eve Tops From The Bottom!
Released: August 1, 2014

Categories: Brunette, Clips, Euro, HD, Solo
Imagine this: superstar model Eve Angel tells you to climb, naked, into a cage hanging from the ceiling. She wants you to look down at her and jerk off as she writhes out of her dress, showing off her pantyhose and rolling around on the carpet. Can you handle that? Eve displays her body so completely, you wish you could climb down from your cage and kiss her luscious soles in that black lacy hosiery, or suck those red-polished toes, but you’re trapped above her and she’s enjoying that, she likes to see slaves in cages hanging from her ceiling–at least in this fantasy of ye ole newsletter scribe Uncle Irv! Or should I say Uncle PERV?? Eve tugs off her pantyhose and rubs it between her thighs and against her pussy. She’s so beautiful but you’re just a naked slave in a cage over her carpet, and she tells you to relieve the pressure in your nuts and squirt while she keeps rolling around on the floor–but don’t let any of your gooey stuff hit her on the way down! Otherwise she might have to spank!!



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