Colette – Tight Ass Tiffany Doll (2015) Cover

Tiffany Doll – Tight Ass Tiffany Doll
Released: September 26, 2015
Pornstars: Tiffany Doll
Categories: Anal, Brunette, Clips, HD, Interracial, Teens
HD Video: Tiffany has a really quiet, sweet voice. French is her first language and that is what she prefers to speak in. Although she is fluent in English too. I absolutley adore this girl. I feel like she could be my best friend from school or something. But when you get her in bed..WATCH OUT Tiffany doll, is no doll; she is a TIGRESS. She loves to be fucked from any and every way and the more people the merrirer. We also shot a gang bang and she asked if we could do double anal? She is ready and willing for anything. If you want a girl who is as sweet as a living doll and as wild as a bobcat. LOOK NO FURTHER. And get ready for the gang bang. She loved it! I actually hung out with her for an hour after and she was telling me what she liked best in her sweet French was kind of surrreal, but realy cool to see someone so open about sex. xoxo Love, Colette



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