Burning Angel – Joanna Angel & Amber Ivy (2014)

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Joanna Angel & Amber Ivy – How The Grinch Gaped Christmas – Chapter 1
Released: December 25, 2014
Pornstars: Amber Ivy, Joanna Angel
Categories: Busty, Clips, HD, Reality, Redhead
Oh those whores down in Whoreville, they annoy me a lot! One of these days, I’d just like to hit them with a big old pot. But I suppose since the fate of these carolers is purely in my hands – I’ll just beat them with an umbrella, as to carry out a more devious plan! I dragged Amber Ivy and Xander down stairs, where I tied them to my bed – oh my, what a pair! And secretly, this grinch must have wanted them to fuck, because they escaped from this trap which is just my luck. And speaking of fuck, that’s just what they did, because when your lives are in danger, true feelings for redheads are not to be hid!



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