Burning Angel – Aayla Secura – Bicycle Babe (2014)

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Aayla Secura – Bicycle Babe
Released: November 1, 2014
Pornstars: Aayla Secura
Categories: Brunette, Clips, HD, Reality
Aayla Secura loved to ride bikes, she’s just not very good with them. She was riding along one day and somehow the alignment got all screwed up. Luckily, Seth Gamble was in the neighborhood and saw this long-legged Latina babe in distress – and he said he had a brand new bike shop down the street, so it was Seth to the rescue! …But Seth admitted he didn’t own a bike shop, or know how to fix bikes, he thought she was so pretty, and had a poorly thought-out idea to take her to his apartment. He was SO lucky she thought he was cute anyway and decided to fuck him with her pussy instead of fuck him up for lying!



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